Monday, 21 March 2016


Some time ago I wrote a post about the #yestimates hashtag. A quite uncontroversial post...
Lately I have thought about it. Why is it even needed? I think this tweet frames my thinking quite accurately:

(The tweet points out that the "#yestimates camp" has no wisdom (the "..."). As if we are somehow obligated to come up with our own ideas and, if we don't, we should not question things.)

It feels as if it has me down as someone who just loves estimates. I don't. I'd love to not have to estimate (although I see value in estimating. To quote Dave Gordon "the best estimates open a dialog").
#yestimates didn't even exist before there was #noestimates. In that way it's only meta. It has me down as someone promoting or defending estimates as if it even means anything.
One could also claim that #yestimates is equally binary as #noestimates. As if that means anything (see what this is doing?)

To summarize; without #noestimates there wouldn't be #yestimates. Thus, it isn't needed.


  1. For what it's worth, it should be noted that the case has been made LOTS of places for why estimates are useful, when properly done. Read McConnell's book, or see my summary of "Why Estimates Matter" at

    It's not like the arguments for estimates are changing; they're well-established and common sense.

    1. Indeed! You are correct. I guess my point in this post was just that; estimates are so natural , ubiquitous and unavoidable that a #yestimates hashtag isn't needed. As I said, it didn't exist prior to #noestimates. Another point I am trying to make is that I am in no way an "estimation expert" and I don't have any arguments for why estimates are "super great". I don't even have to have that. But "defending" estimates somehow makes it come off as I just love estimating.

  2. Exactly. To use your go-to analogy and extend it: I don't have to love brushing my teeth to think it's an awfully good idea to do so, and to see major issues from thinking it should be reduced or eliminated.